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This Little War Blog
This Little War Blog
hey! i don't know if you're still doing your super cute flower crown edits but... if so could i request a talbert one? with hearts? for my phone :') <3

Yeah absolutely! I’m always accepting requests so I’ll be adding baby Tab to my list! No guarantees as to when it gets posted since I’ve been going in order of request but when it’s done, you’ll be the first to know! Thanks a bunch~ ❤️

Mean Soldiers: A Continuation


memories of home - The Pacific soundtrack

make me choose → day or night asked by nonormynolife


Band of Brother’s behind the scenes

You leave someone on the bank?

You know what would be beautiful?


A big Band of brothers sleep-over, where we can all watch the show together, and cry together, and cuddle, and eat pizza and be a band of bros just chillin (and drowning in a sea of feels)